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Beach Cottages

More than half of US states have a stretch of ocean coastline where visitors can find beach cottages. The states with the most coastline miles are Alaska, Florida, California, Oregon and Hawaii on the Pacific coast, Texas and Louisiana along the Gulf, and Maine, Massachusetts and North Carolina along the Atlantic. Other states with ocean coastline are Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and Washington. In these states there are beach cottages, and cabin rentals which are situated right on the water where the waves practically lap at the doorways. There are also rentals in small beach towns and communities where beautiful cottages are only a block or two from the beach but close enough to hear the crashing surf. The Pacific Ocean is the Big Blue and the waters and weather can be very different from its seafoam Atlantic counterpart, but regardless of whether you choose the Atlantic, Pacific, or Gulf of Mexico, a beach cabin or cottage rental is a wonderful place for a family summer vacation, a romantic getaway for two, or a long fun & sun weekend with friends.

Beachfront Cottages and Cabins for Rent in the US

Choose a state to locate beach cottages for rent along the the US coastlines.


In fairness, we’ve included the eight states with coastline on the Great Lakes; Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Lake Michigan, and Lake Superior in our Beach Cottage rental listings. These lakes are so big they experience tidal pulls and any cottage along their shores will feel more like an oceanfront rental than a rental on a small lake; minus the salty sea air, of course. Summer really is prime time for renting a beach or ocean cottage, but don’t rule out the the Spring, Fall, or Winter months. These can be excellent ways to save a little on your rental fees. Off-season beach cabin rentals can give visitors a chance to avoid lots of tourists and crowded beaches.

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