Cabin Rentals in the USA

Searching for rental cabin vacations deep in the forest or alongside a bubbling creek or maybe you’re looking for a quiet lakeside or beach cottage. Cabins are a popular style of accommodation and we’re here to help you find them! Travelers exploring every corner of this great country will find accommodations ranging from inexpensive roadside motels, just right for the weary traveler, to expensive resorts catering to a tourist’s every luxurious whim. The rise in popularity of Bed & Breakfasts and small Inns have added some delightful alternatives as well. But for those looking for something a little different, Cabin and Cottage rentals are an exciting choice and for good reason. You won’t find maid service or room service in most cabin or cottage rentals but you will find quiet and solitude. Cabins and Cottages are most often a better choice for travelers looking to stay more than one or two nights and those on a tighter budget too.

Cabin Rentals

The term ‘cabin’ may conjure up images of remote wilderness one-room structures made of logs and sparse amenities. Cabins like those are still available, but cabin rentals in the USA have a wide range of comforts. Some are tucked away in distant and secluded locations where guests are required to pack in their own food and other necessities, while others are fully stocked with everything a quest could need. Fisherman and hunters alike can find cabin rentals in wilderness locations where local wild game is plentiful. These cabins provide them with a home base of sorts as they set out daily for their search for wildlife. In nearly every state in America there are remote and rugged cabin rentals for outdoorsmen as well as luxurious and lavish cabin for the more finicky traveler. Renting a cabin is a great alternative to pitching a tent. It’s warm, dry and usually much more comfortable for sleeping than a sleeping bag. Many cabins offer bathrooms and showers as well as kitchens and fireplaces.

Cabins aren’t found in cities. They are often found within or nearby state and national parks, or nearby notable geographical landmarks like lakes, rivers or mountain ranges. They are a great way to visit all of the natural wonders across America like Yosemite National Park or in the woods surrounding Lake Tahoe. Cabins are for families looking for an outdoor getaway or family vacation. Cabins are a secluded and romantic alternative for lovers looking for some alone time. Cabins are for large groups looking to retreat, reflect and explore. Cabins are for the budget conscious who want to get away but can’t afford a pricey resort or hotel. But above all, cabins are for nature lovers. For all of our cabin listings, we’ve carefully selected cabins. It must look like a cabin and feel like a cabin to be listed here with us. Can’t spraypaint a house brown and call it a cabin and expect to find it on our website. However, we did include cabin-style rentals including things like lodges or chalets.

Cottage Rentals

We’ve decided to distinguish between cabins and cottages here at for a few important reasons. The word cottage is often used to describe a rental which is located near the ocean or a large body of water, like the great lakes. It’s is also a regional term used more in areas like New England and the Great Lake states. It is also often descriptive of the structure itself. Cottages tend to resemble small and tidily appointed homes. The basic cottage rental is likely to provide more amenities that the basic cabin. It’s not true in every case, but it is most often the case. Cabins are found on snowy mountain tops, whereas cottages are found in alcoves by the sea. Cottage rentals are also great for families looking for some quality time together away from distractions. Renting a cottage is also charming way to spend a weekend with your sweetheart where you can stroll nearby beaches for shells. Cottages are a fine alternative to an Inn or B&B. On all of our cottage pages we’ve specifically listed cottage rentals; doing our best to weed out condos, hotels, inns, or beach house rentals. If they don’t call it a cottage and it doesn’t look like a cottage, we won’t list it here. However based on each states’ terminology, we did occasionally include cottage-style rentals like bungalows.

Unique Rentals and Accommodations.

We’ve got some unusual, fun and sometimes even odd accommodations to offer here as well. If a cabin or cottage just seems to mundane, how about a chalet? A treehouse? A teepee? Ever been Glamping? There are some amazingly unique and special places across this country that allow visitors to try out some really cool places in and of themselves. The attraction IS the accommodation. Ever sleep in a cave, an antique train, or an ice hotel? You can and we’ll tell you where to find this country’s most unusual rentals and accommodations.

The When and Where of Vacation Cabin Rentals

Some places are best visited in Winter, yet others have a reputation for creating ideal Summer memories. While some states’ cabins and cottages are notable in particular seasons, others are ideal all year round. Depending on the state’s landscape, you can find lakeside cabins, beachfront cottages, mountain cabins . If your a hunter or sportsman looking to find a winter cabin, deep in the woods, we’ve got it. If you’re a skier looking for a mountain chalet in Aspen, we’ve got it. If you’re a mom wanting to plan a summer vacation for your family on the shores of Lake Michigan, we’ve got it. If your a romantic couple looking to find that perfect beachfront hideaway on Hilton Head, we’ve got that too. No matter what time of year or what where you’d like to rent a cabin or cottage we’re here to help.

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